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Dungeons & Dragons | Ep1 - Outcasts
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Four outcasts are thrown together by malevolent forces wishing to use them for their own ends. Each of the Outcasts seeks a path to redeem their past but only with the help of the others will they have a chance to cleanse the stains of their pasts.

The Outcasts takes place in Aurumia, a Kingdom of adventure and danger where an aged king lays on his deathbed, and uncertaintly of successorship is sending ripples through the nation.

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Ultimate World Building

Join the fun, creative, live chat every week as together Vahid and chat create new fantasy world elements and answer questions related to running Dungeons & Dragons sessions.

Each week is a different engaging theme including designing continents, map making, detailing locations of interest, making engaging characters, creating custom monsters, and forging unique magical items.

If you are a creative person who wants to join the chat, a new player with questions, or simply keen for a fun and chilled chat session, then connect with show live on Twitch.

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Dice Legenz 1 | Dungeons & Dragons
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Four humble town guards: Ha-Kapella - a dwarven bard who loves enchantment spells, Lona - an impulsive human wizard with an attraction to fire, Sully - a simple farm boy turned fighted, and Tnemrot - a tiefling cleric of life with a dark and mysterious past, find themselves facing threats to themselves, their loved ones, and the city they serve that are WAY above their pay grade.

Set in the grand walled city of Aratai, The Heroes of Aratai is a dramatic, fast-paced fantasy story full of big adventure, big plot swings, big emotions, and big laughs.

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