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For gazillions of years people have pondered one question…
"What Class is Best in a Dungeon?"​
To answer this fun question Dice Legenz has gathered crack squads of Dungeons and Dragons professionals and formed a party of clerics, a party of fighters, a party of rogues, and a party of wizards. Each week one party will enter THE GAUNTLET in search of glory.​
Some may die.  ​
But that is not important! What matters is to find which team will survive the longest and is thus (obviously) the bestestest D&D class ever!​
The Gauntlet Clerics splash image
The Gauntlet Fighters splash image
The Gauntlet Rogues splash image
The Gauntlet Wizards splash image
Throughout the month of August Dice Legenz will be running a high-octane, ridiculous series called THE GAUNTLET (to be said in either an overly-masculine shouty voice or a whispery, mysterious feminine voice with an indecent amount of reverb on it).​
The impressive list of talented Twitch streamers includes Quincy (from Quincy's Tavern), The Unexpectables (Mark Allen Jr), Lost Initiative (Daelric), Lord Gosumba, The Rivals of Waterdeep, The Crowned DM, GM Workshop, The Play Matt, Chelsea Bytes, Dork Tales (Kelly), D20 Deathmatch (Mudcat), and Dreaded GM.​
THE GAUNTLET streams live from August 7, 2023 on the Dice Legenz Twitch channel. Which class do YOU think will make it through the gauntlet?
Follow Dice Legenz on Twitch now at
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